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aTinyMON Real-Time Monitoring tool for Asterisk

aTinyMON is tiny Real-Time Monitoring tool for Asterisk (www.asterisk.org).

aTinyMON relies on Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) to get the real-time information that it will display in your web browser.
Because of its self-training capabilities, aTinyMON needs almost no configuration.
aTinyMON is released under GPL v2 license.


aTinyMON is a KISS LAMP application : "Keep It Small and Simple" application running in Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP environment.
Beyond funny buzzwords ...

Detailed presentation and installation instructions in english here.

Présentation détaillée et instructions d'installation en français ici.


2010-03-25 Oops ! Download link target still was v0.29. Fixed. Some people guessed the right URL anyway
Older news
2009-10-01 aTinyMON v0.30 - A fix from Florida : some messages from Asterisk may indeed deserve a "quote" before going into database. Thank you Tony !
2008-03-09 aTinyMON v0.29 - Add quotes to protect Asterisk/MySQL usernames and passwords. Thank you Samy for your message !
2007-01-21 aTinyMON v0.28 - New option to mask offline devices. Button to close aTinyMON page. Set PHP display_errors=On and error_reporting=E_ALL when DEBUG is defined > 0. Better icons alignment. And more icons, with a smaller icons set. Older icons still are available, just say which ones you want in config.php. Fix : MASK_PSEUDO did not mask all OutgoingSpoolFailed-related events.
2006-09-29 aTinyMON v0.27 - Most visible : cosmetic change with additional icons

But also : AMI events display now is optional , 'defines.php' is renamed 'config.php' with a few more options (among them : choose your icons), detailed description now is included in .tgz file. Other minor changes. And last but not least : first tests with Asterisk 1.4 beta are OK. If you want to help testing, set FREEZE_IF_NOT_HANDLED = TRUE in config.php and give feedback.
2006-06-28 aTinyMON v0.26 - Better news ! Lets' experiment a solution on the Perl side (see news on 06/19, 06/26) : if you are curious, see atinyman.pl code behind "if ($detach)". Some additional "daemonizing" stuff as well (although atinyman.pl already is started from a daemon ...).
First tests are ok. Give a try to v0.26beta ! aTinyMON should now survive HTTPD restarts with no trouble.
07-07 update - Let's drop the "beta" suffix.
2006-06-26 Bad news : aTinyMON v0.25 survives when HTTPD stops, but creates problems when it restarts !
06-27 update - Hemmm ... I found out this is a known problem (e.g. http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=15529). I now have to find a known solution . Suggestions are welcome ...
2006-06-19 aTinyMON v0.25 - Bothered with your HTTPD web server being periodically restarted (e.g. on sunday early morning) ? aTinyMON's companion atinyman.pl now runs detached.
2006-06-11 aTinyMON v0.24 - Several small fixes. MASK_PSEUDO option in defines.php also masks fake channel OutgoingSpoolFailed. Show server hostname in HTML page title and inside the page (useful for those who supervise several systems). Recognize OriginateFailure event. Always present devices categories (Iax, Sip, Zap, ...) in alphabetical order.
2006-05-09 aTinyMON v0.23 - Fix : "garbage collector" timer, demo mode (demo reads an old database and cheats a little bit with time). Enhancement : Zap/pseudo channel masking option.
2006-04-15 The big renaming ;-) ! 'TinyMON' now is 'aTinyMON' v0.22.
Enhancements : better ringing state tracking, "garbage collector" for old devices.
2006-04-10 Name fix required ? The TinyMON you can find here has absolutely no connection neither with TinyMON at tinymon.cs.berkeley.edu nor with TINYMON for 80's VIC-20 computers (article here).
2006-04-03 Doc fix ! Update about minimum permission for TinyMON Manager account (Installation step 3).
2006-04-01 Details, installation instructions and download available.
2006-03-28 TinyMON running in demo mode.


Short aTinyMON demo here. If server is too busy, please retry later (remember also that you are on the Internet, while aTinyMON rather is designed for a LAN).


Current release :
Other releases :
atinymon-0.29.tgz atinymon-0.28.tgz - atinymon-0.27.tgz - atinymon-0.26.tgz - atinymon-0.25.tgz (not recommended) - atinymon-0.24.tgz - atinymon-0.23.tgz - atinymon-0.22.tgz - tinymon-0.21.tgz


If aTinyMON does not fit your needs, you may find alternative solutions on voip-info.org.


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